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    We are a group of concerned citizens and homeowners in Southwest Riverside County dedicated to the preservation of the beautiful, pristine hills and open space in the Temecula, Murrieta and Rainbow area.

    Our efforts are currently focused on preventing the approval of a huge open-pit mine on the Temecula border which would destroy the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve currently located on the proposed quarry site, as well as our clean air quality, home values and the booming tourist industry in our area.


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    Join us at the Riverside County Board of Supervisors Hearing on Monday, January 30th.

























SOS-Hills is a non-profit group dedicated to preventing the proposed Liberty Quarry

Get the real facts on liberty quarry


Apart from the proposed Quarry being the wrong project in the wrong location, there are literally hundreds of factual reasons why we are against Liberty Quarry. Listed below are just some of them.


The proposed quarry would be one mile wide (as large as Old Town Temecula), 1,000' deep (as deep as the Empire State Building is high) operating 6 to 7 days per week, 20-24 hours a day for the next 75 years.

Granite will be using 472 gallons of water per minute.

Liberty quarry would be one of the largest open pit, hard rock MEGA mines in the U. S. This industrial complex would include:  asphalt plants (emit hydrogen sulfate, a known neuro-toxin), cement plants, rock crushing plants, recycling plants, and more.

Granite would blast 10 times per week. Blasting and crushing this particular type of rock creates fine shards of crystalline silica. Exposure to silica has been proven to cause scarring in the lungs and respiratory disease. Mica is also part of the makeup of this rock formation and is more dangerous to breathe than asbestos.

1600 truck trips per day entering and exiting Rainbow Valley Blvd.  Diesel exhaust pollution and diesel soot are one of the most serious pollution threats. This substance contains over 450 different chemicals; 40 of which are known toxins. There is no known safe level.  Studies done on children and the effects on them of diesel exhaust show childhood links to asthma, reduced lung function and respiratory ailments.

Our air quality will suffer tremendously. That clean, fresh air we enjoy coming through the Rainbow Gap would no longer exist.  That is the proposed quarry site. The dust from blasting, digging, transferring material, trucks going up and down the mountain will be with us constantly.

Granite's own Environmental Impact Report states, "This project would result in significant and unavoidable impacts to air quality and traffic which cannot be mitigated to a level of significance." 

Granite Construction representatives have said that there will be NO HEALTH RISKS to area residents or even Granite’s own quarry employees.  Why, then, will Granite be providing face masks and even respirators to their employees?

The County’s Final EIR/DEIR did not include potential Health Risks related to: asthma, bronchitis, increased susceptibility to respiratory infections, heart disease, arrhythmias, or reduced lung function, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency references in their publication “Particle Pollution and Your Health”.

The EIR's assessment of Health Risks was done by non-Medical Personnel.

During the proposed two-year construction period, Liberty Quarry would emit: Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Monoxide, Particulate PM2.5 and Reactive Organic Gas at levels which exceed South Coast Air Quality Management District “Construction Thresholds”.  Emissions of Nitrous Oxide alone would exceed SCAQMD’s threshold by nearly four times.

Fugitive Dust – The quarry will only cease operations when winds exceed 25 miles per hour; however, daily winds close to 25 MPH flow over the quarry site, and yet quarry operations can legally continue.

Riverside County already has 35 quarries, or over 11%, of Sand & Gravel quarries in California, in comparison to 15 in San Diego County, and only 2 in Orange County.

Granite has indicated that over 70% of the aggregate would be headed for San Diego. Since they claim that one of the main reasons for the LIberty Quarry site is for the reduction of truck traffic, Build it even closer to the source!










































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