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Want to volunteer or need additional information?
Feel free to contact Kathleen Hamilton at 951.676.6912 or by email at
Our contact person in San Diego County (Fallbrook area) is Jerri Arganda.
Her phone number is 760.451.2413. Her email address is

Write a letter to the local papers! Click here for contact information on all the local Temecula area and Fallbrook area papers.
Click here for letter writing suggestions and ideas.

Send your comments on Granite’s Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR #475) to:

Riverside County Planning Department
Attention:   David L. Jones
 4080 Lemon Street, 9th Floor
  P.O. Box 1409
 Riverside, CA  92502-1409;  or
E-mail to:
       If his e mailbox is full, you may get an error message and have to resend later.

Follow this link for information on how to effectively make comments on the Draft EIR.

Please write letters stating your opposition to the quarry and send to Riverside County Supervisors, and San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn. We are recommending people to also send a copy to the Riverside County Planning Commissioners. 

District 1
Supervisor Bob A. Buster
4080 Lemon Street, 5th Floor
Riverside, CA 92501
District 2
Supervisor John F. Tavaglione
4080 Lemon Street, 5th Floor
Riverside, California 92501
District 3
Supervisor Jeff Stone
4080 Lemon Street, 5th Floor
Riverside, California 92501
District 4


District 5
Supervisor Marion Ashley
4080 Lemon Street, 5th Floor
Riverside, CA 92501


5th District
San Diego County
Supervisor Bill Horn
1600 Pacific Hwy., Room 335
San Diego, CA

 Riverside County Planning Commissioners

Ron Goldman, Planning Director
4080 Lemon Street, 9th Floor
Riverside, CA 92501
John Roth, Planning Commissioner
c/o Chantell Griffin
4080 Lemon Street, 9th Floor
PO BOX 1409
Riverside, CA 92501
John Snell, Planning Commissioner
c/o Chantell Griffin
4080 Lemon Street, 9th Floor
PO BOX 1409
Riverside, CA 92501
John Petty
c/o Chantell Griffin
4080 Lemon Street, 9th Floor
PO BOX 1409
Riverside, CA 92501
Jim Porras
c/o Chantell Griffin
4080 Lemon Street, 9th Floor
PO BOX 1409
Riverside, CA 92501
Jan Zuppardo
c/o Chantell Griffin
4080 Lemon Street, 9th Floor
PO BOX 1409
Riverside, CA 92501

Other Elected Officials

Senator Barbara Boxer
201 N.E. Street, Ste. 210
San Bernardino, CA 92401
Email from Senator Boxer's webpage at
Senator Dianne Feinstein
750 B Street, Ste. 1030
San Diego, CA 92101
Email from Senator Feinstein's webpage at:
Senator Dennis Hollingsworth
27555 Ynez Road, Ste. 204
Temecula, CA 92591
Congressman Darell Issa
1800 Thibodo, Ste. 310
Vista, CA 92081
Email from Congressman Issa's webpage at

Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries
41391 Kalmia St., #220                                                    Murrieta, CA  92562                                                            


Contact the Newspapers

The Californian
(sister paper to The North County Times)
Opinions & Letters:

Jennifer Ianni 951.676.4315 x5480

Letters: No more than 200 words
Forums: No more than 500 words


Temecula Valley News
(sister paper to Fallbrook Village News)
Opinions & Letters:

Letters: No more than 250 words
The Press Enterprise
Opinions & Letters:
Valarie Vinson, 951.368.9473

Letters: No more than 200 words
North County Times
(sister paper to The Californian)
Opionion & Letters:

Letters: No more than 200 words
Forums: No more than 500 words

Fallbrook/Bonsall Village News
(sister paper to Temecula Valley News)
Opinion & Letters:
Lucette Moramarco, 951.760.723.7319

Letters: No more than 250 words

San Diego Union Tribune
Opinion & Letters:

Letters: No more than 200 words
Forums: No more than 800 words

Be sure to include your name, address, and daytime phone number.

When you submit letters, please send to BOTH Riverside and San Diego County papers, as they do not share letters.

bulletDEMAND INDEPENDENT STUDIES so that there will be facts from OTHER than just Granite’s paid consultants. Let them know about the “flaws”, the INADEQUACIES, the inconsistencies in procedural issues, evaluations and claims throughout the DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT (DEIR)….and what Granite has been claiming in their publicity ads, their “Open House meetings”, and their publications.
bulletLet them know there are “PROFOUND CONSEQUENCES” to allowing a quarry in this sensitive, unique area.Get in touch with your own personal issues related to the effects of this quarry. Are you a grower (avocados, citrus, flowers, grapes).  How will your crops, your livelihood be affected?  If you have children or have health issues, write from your heart!  What do you want your Supervisors  to know?  Urge them to help you stop this quarry! Find different “twists” to your comments so that they cannot be “lumped” together with other  written comments. 
bulletWE also suggest that you put your comments in the form of  questions if possible to be ensured that  you get an answer.You can CHALLENGE anything in the Draft Environmental Impact Report!

KEEP THOSE LETTERS COMING!  We don’t want them to become complacent about this issue.  WE are in the “HOME STRETCH!”

Below is a list of some of the suggested topics.  Please feel free to add your own as well. If you have a great topic and don't see it on the list, email it to

Crystalline silica, nuisance dust, diesel exhaust pollution, diesel soot pollution,dust from blasting, fugitive dust from land clearing, grading, loading and unloading bulk materials (as sand, gravel, aggregate), transferring material into storage bins, discharging them into hoppers, and so on.  Residents of Riverside County are already receiving  "F" Grades on Ozone and Particle Pollution from the latest (2009) State of the Air Report from the American Lung Association. We do not need more trucks on our roadways.
Read more here:
Lung disease is the number three killer in America, responsible for one in six deaths. Lung disease and other breathing problems constitute one of the leading causes of death in babies younger than one year old.  “Valley Fever” (Coccidioidomycocis) could be a real threat when this much earth is disturbed over time. These impacts are well documented:
"Two major analyses recently concluded that air pollution is especially harmful to children. They found that air pollution is so dangerous that it can even threaten children’s lives. The World Health Organization (WHO) published an in-depth look at the research on children’s health and air pollution. Most importantly, the scientists concluded that particle pollution caused infant deaths. In addition, they found that air pollution caused a host of harmful effects in children, including:
bulletshort-term and long-term decreased lung function rates and lower lung function levels, critical measures of how well the child will breathe throughout his or her life (due primarily to exposure to particle pollution and traffic-related pollution);
bulletworsening of asthma (from exposure to particle as well as ozone pollution);
bulletincreased prevalence and incidence of cough and bronchitis (primarily from particle pollution); and
bulletincreased risk of upper and lower respiratory infections."  
Read the full report at
Noise, high frequency vibrations and effects on humans and wildlife.
Diesel fuel and dangerous explosives will be stored on the site.  What else?
The quarry is inconsistent with the needs and land use in the area. The Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve is NEXT DOOR!  Over 40 years of research could be lost to us. On this same land, the last Wildlife Corridor between the coastal Santa Ana Mountains and inland Palomar Mountains is in danger of extinction. The last free flowing river in Southern California, the Santa Margarita is in danger of becoming polluted. Failure to adequately address environmental issues can lead to serious, long-lasting, and irreversible environmental consequences, either in the vicinity of the site or at locations distant from the site.
1600 truck trips per day between 6:30 am and late afternoon.  Potential accidents, back up, rocks hitting windshields, condition of roadways, etc. There will be 370 aggregate trucks, 197 concrete trucks, 164 asphalt trucks,23 recycle trucks, 12 cement trucks, 2 fuel trucks, 12 construction trucks and 233 cars coming and going on this site as well.  We are talking about a “MAJOR INDUSTRIAL AREA” here! "T
he I-15 corridor through the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah is over 840 miles with approximately 220 miles traversing through urban areas. Currently, the average daily traffic throughout the entire corridor is over 56,000 with a maximum over 250,000. Average daily truck traffic is over 9,000 with a maximum over 60,000. Among the 220 mile urban segments, over 60 percent is currently under heavy congestion. Without any further improvement to the corridor, the projected 2035 average daily traffic will be over 150,000 which includes over 27,000 trucks. By 2035, 98 percent of urban segments will be under heavy congestion. Congestion for non-urban segments will increase from the current 21 percent to over 85 percent."
Effects on habitat as well as humans. Also negative effect on world-renowned Palomar Observatory.
"Light pollution is an increasing problem for observatories everywhere. One of the reasons Palomar Mountain was selected as the site for the 200-inch telescope was its dark skies that would allow observation of the faintest galaxies without the interference of city lights. Since 1934, rapid urbanization of southern California has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of sky glow. If such light pollution continues to increase, it will seriously reduce the effectiveness of the Palomar Observatory for many types of research." Learn more at:
From blasting, digging and crushing, generators, machinery, asphalt plants, concrete plants, trucks.
Quarry’s needs are 370 acre feet annually.  This would displace the needs of  3,700 residents.  Granite is digging down 1000’+.  What if they pollute the aquifer?  What about wells in area and other nearby areas? Will pollution runoff into the Santa Margarita River? Camp Pendleton? (Santa Margarita River is their water source.)
Failure to address these adequately; What about areas not located so close to heavily populated areas or in other counties?
Failure to address this adequately; Rosemary’s Mountain quarry is not mentioned. Marine transported aggregate is not mentioned. Quarries in Corona are permitted until 2026 and can be re-permitted  for 100+ years. “ Portable” quarry locations (which are temporary) provide hundreds of  thousands  of tons of aggregate and are not addressed. Recycling aggregate from torn up roadbeds is not mentioned.
They anticipate being up to full production by 2012.     After 20 years, they CAN file to be RE permitted.  According to the General Manager, Gary Nolan, “There is not a lot of aggregate being sold and we don’t foresee a lot in the future.”
What faults are in the area of the site ?  The Elsinore fault line runs along the site. 
In the neighboring communities number over 100…this does not even count all of the preschools!
Granite Construction DISRESPECTED THE  NATIVE AMERICAN SPIRITUAL BELIEFS.  The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians  has identified this area as a sacred site; their place of “Creation”. 
(2) on site; noise and stink from them.  These plants will remain even after the granite quarry is gone. They begin production at 4:00 am.HOW RELIABLE are all of Granite’s studies?  AGAIN, we need to demand that INDEPENDENT STUDIES be done to compare with Granite’s reports from paid consultants.
Cost to ALL of our communities, the Temecula Wine Country, Old Town Temecula,  Fallbrook downtown activities (Avocado Festival, Hot August Nights, etc)
How WILL avocado, citrus, flower growers, nurseries be affected.  How will the wineries be affected?  “Fugitive dust deposited on leaves and foliage reduces crop yields.” (California Air Resources Board) . Will the dust affect pollination/ vital insects? Bees? Will more pesticides be required?
Storage of diesel fuel and explosives on the property.
The adjacent area has Native American artifacts.  They have never lifted a shovel to the property to look.
Quarries in Corona claim that they have reserves until 2026 and CAN get re permitted for at least 100 years.  Rosemary’s Mountain Quarry is more than sufficient to provide San Diego’s needs. The last State of California Aggregate Reserve Study was done in 2006 and no longer represents the current demand for aggregate. 
There are currently close to 500 businesses and non profit groups who have signed statements opposing Liberty quarry.There are over 100 Medical Doctors who have signed statements opposing Liberty quarry. There are over 25,000 names on petitions opposing Liberty quarry. View the BANGO List.
bulletAFTER 75 YEARS?   
Will the quarry be re permitted for another 75 years?  Will it become a reservoir? Reservoirs made from abandoned quarries are proven to be conducive to earthquake activity.  What do you DO with a 1000+ pit in the ground?




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