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Businesses, Organizations and Non-Profit Groups Opposing Liberty Quarry
(BANGO Liberty Quarry)

What is BANGO?

Many thousands of residents of Southwest Riverside have signed various petitions opposing Granite Construction's proposed plan to construct Liberty Quarry, in the nearby Temecula Foothills. In addition to private citizens, many businesses and non-profit groups are also opposed to Liberty Quarry.  To give them an opportunity to express their opposition, the BANGO List was started.  BANGO stands for Businesses And  Non-profit  Groups Opposing Liberty Quarry.


The basis for this opposition varies among BANGO signers, but generally the feeling seems to be that Liberty Quarry will be bad for the air we breathe, it will be bad for the proper growth of our communities, it will be bad for our environment, it will be bad for traffic congestion on the freeway, it will be bad for tourism and it will be bad for business in general.


In one of Granite Construction's recent letters, they claim that those opposed to the quarry are a "small special interest group".  Almost 500 businesses and non-profit groups, in addition to over 100 doctors worried about the negative health threats, have added their names to the BANGO list. These names are in addition to the thousands of signatures of individuals opposing the quarry. By calling us a small special interest group, Granite has once again misstated their facts!


We now have almost 500 companies & groups on our list with more being added every day!

Click here to view the list of Medical Doctors opposed to Liberty Quarry (now with over 100 Doctors opposed!)

Listed below are companies, groups and organizations that have publicly declared their opposition to
Granite Construction's Liberty Quarry. If you'd like to see your company or group on the list, please email so we may add you.

BANGO Liberty Quarry as of 2/10/10


1.   RE/MAX Experience Real Estate Company (130 agents in Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore & Hemet offices)
2.   Sierra Club, San Gorgonio Chapter (Riverside & San Bernardino counties)
3.   Wilson Creek Vineyard & Winery (Temecula Wine Country)
4.   Endangered Habitats League (Southern California)
5.   La Cereza Vineyard & Winery (Temecula Wine Country)
6.   Rainbow Planning Group (Rainbow)
7.   Save Our Southwest Hills (SOS Hills/Temecula)
8.   Rainbow Against the Quarry (RATq/Rainbow)
9.   Audubon Society, Palomar Chapter (N. San Diego & S.W. Riverside Counties)
10. Maurice Car’rie Vineyard & Winery (Temecula Wine Country)
11. No Pit Mine Political Action Committee (Fallbrook)
12. Rainbow Property Owners Association (Rainbow)
13. Animal Hospital of Temecula-pet vet (Temecula)
14. Jack Ragland Art Studio (Fallbrook)
15. Chip’s Hot Rods & Custom Cycles (Murrieta)
16. Don’s Barber Shop (Old Town Temecula)
17. Edgewater Estates Homeowners Association (Fallbrook)
18. Oakcrest Estate Homeowners Association (105 home owners in Rainbow)
19. Team Tax, Leonard Cole, CPA (Temecula)
20. Temecula Professional Window Cleaning (Temecula)
21. Dr. Frank J. Witt, DPM, Podiatrist (Fallbrook)
22. A Second Glance Salon (Murrieta)
23. AgriSpect Grove Management (San Diego & Riverside counties)
24. The Temecula Bugle Newspaper (Temecula)
25. Miyamoto Music Studio (Temecula)

26. Sixty-Sixth Democratic Political Action Committee (SSDPAC/Murrieta)
27. Cartridge World, computer printer ink (Temecula)
28. WebSec Corporation, software programming & engineering (Temecula)
29. Republicans Against Liberty Quarry (Temecula, Murrieta, Rainbow, Fallbrook)
30. Banar Design, book publishers (Fallbrook)
31. Fallbrook Ag Laboratory (Fallbrook)
32. Sprouts Natural Food Market (Temecula)
33. Adkins Consulting (Temecula)
34. Hidden Market Realty (Temecula)
35. Butterfield Dog Grooming (Old Town Temecula)
36. Baja Cactus, Mexican Restaurant (Temecula)
37. Fine Arbor Care: “The Tree Man of Fallbrook” (Fallbrook)
38. "Gotta Have It" Home Decor (Temecula)
39. Rainbow Oaks Florist (Rainbow)
40. Bevell's Produce at Rainbow Oaks Country Market (Rainbow)
41. End of the Rainbow Gardens Nursery (Rainbow)
42. Eq-Wine Acres, horsemanship training and vineyard (Temecula Wine Country)
43. Sunset Trails, fine jewelry and saddlery accessories (Temecula)
44. Community Chiropractic, Dr. Anthony Salmon (Lake Elsinore)
45. Indian Oaks Trailer Ranch (Temecula)
46. Rancon Plaza Building (Old Town Temecula)
47. Rosa’s Cantina, Mexican Restaurant (Old Town Temecula)
48. Beyond Page Graphic Design (Temecula)
49. At Your Finger Tips (Temecula)
50. The Goldworks Custom Jewelry (Temecula)

51. The PR Maven, PR & Business Communication Consulting (Temecula)
52. Caravan, women’s apparel (Fallbrook)
53. Rustic Home & Garden, outdoor furniture and nursery (Murrieta)
54. De Luz Real Estate (Temecula)
55. B & C Avocado Farms (Temecula)
56. Buoye Enterprises, land investment company (Temecula)
57. Rainbow Ridge Farms, avocado groves (Rainbow)
58. Dr. Mark Pledger, DDS, Dental Surgeon  (Murrieta)
59. Bossie Boots Fruit Company, organic avocado grower (Rainbow)
60. Jonnie Fox Rocks Karaoke & DJ Entertainment (Rainbow)
61. Mexico Chiquito Restaurant (Temecula)
62.  Dr. Christopher J. Miller, Chiropractor (Encinitas & Fallbrook)
63.  Claddagh Paving Corporation, commercial/residential pavers (Fallbrook)
64. RJT Ranch, protea and avocado grower (Rainbow)
65. Rainbow Real Estate (Rainbow)
66. Temecula Creek Optometry (Temecula)
67. Aloha Spirit Growers, tropical plants (Rainbow)
68. Shaw Chiropractic (Temecula)
69. Brenderup Horse Trailers (Fallbrook)
70. CWI Construction, new home builder (Fallbrook & Temecula)
71. Millen Realty (Fallbrook)
72. Speedy’s Fitness (Temecula)
73. Cal-West Food Service (Fallbrook)
74. Sunwest Cacti Nursery (Fallbrook)
75. Arriba Grill (Temecula)

76. Democratic Club of Southwest Riverside County (DCSRC)
77. Salon 29, beauty salon (Temecula)
78. Clean Logic, housekeeping service (Temecula)
79. Liberty Tax Service (Fallbrook)
80. I-Socket Press, graphic publishing (Murrieta)
81. Heaven On Earth Farm, avocado grower (Fallbrook)
82. UPS Store on Temecula Parkway (Temecula)
83. Aneri Dry Cleaners (Temecula)
84. Set N’ Stone, marble, granite, slate and travertine flooring (Fallbrook)
85. Dr. J.E. Bustos, DDS, Family Dental Care
86. UPS Store on Rancho California Road (Temecula)
87. Dynamic Fitness (Temecula/Murrieta)
88. Masonis Construction Co. (Rainbow)
89. Main Street Shoes, Etc (Fallbrook)
90. 7 Eleven Inc. on Main, franchisee (Fallbrook)
91. Lace Apron Restaurant & Bakery (Fallbrook)
92. Mostly Windows (Fallbrook)
93. At Home on Main Street (Fallbrook)
94. Abigail’s Flower Company (Fallbrook)
95. Santa Fe Cleaners (Fallbrook)
96. Postal Annex on Main (Fallbrook)
97. “Blush” Beauty Bar & Salon (Temecula)
98.  High Society Billiard & Dart (Old Town Temecula)
99.  AT&T Phone Store (Fallbrook)
100. Yoga For Life (Temecula)

101. Saint James Pet Spa (Fallbrook)
102. L&M Fertilizer (Fallbrook)
103. Wings, Pizza & Things (Temecula)
104. The Barley House Restaurant & Tavern (Temecula)
105. Saint James Great Cuts (Fallbrook)
106., diet coaching (Temecula)
107. Sierra Pacific Farms (Temecula)
108. Masia de Yabar Winery (Temecula)
109. PartsPlus, automotive parts and accessories (Murrieta)
110. PleasantLine, artist/sculptor studio (Rainbow)
111. Blue Sky Farms (Fallbrook)
112. Gershon Bachus Vintners (Temecula)
113. Center for Community Action & Environmental Justice (Riverside)
114. Comerford Heating & Air Conditioning (Fallbrook)
115. Cycle Therapy (Fallbrook)
116. Montgomery & Sons Construction (Murrieta)
117. L&M Fertilizer, Feed & Power Equipment (Temecula)
118. Brothers Bistro Italian Restaurant (Fallbrook)
119.  Watermark Pacific marketing (Temecula)
120. De Luz Women’s Club (Temecula)
121. SunRize Cafe (Bonsall)
122. Maxy Beauty Salon (Temecula)
123. Riverside County Democratic Central Committee (Riverside)
124. Yellow Basket Restaurant (Temecula)
125. Postal Annex on Rancho California Road (Temecula)

126. Temecula Dog & Cat Grooming (Temecula)
127. S&S Flooring Solutions (Temecula)
128. Friends of the River (Sacramento)
129. Computer Cabbies
130. Dr. Muriel Nikkels, DDS
131. Ama’s Herboretum
132. Mendoza Landscaping
133. Temecula Speed Center (Old Town Temecula)
134. Rancho Temecula Realty (Old Town Temecula)
135. Classic Touch Beauty Salon (Old Town Temecula)
136. Arbonne International, skin care products (Murrieta)
137. Discoteca X Moda Angel, girl’s/women’s clothing (Old Town Temecula)
138. ABEJA Services; tax, insurance, travel (Old Town Temecula)
139. Lopez Market (Old Town Temecula)
140. Music Artifact Exhibitor (Temecula)
141. Shred N Go, mobile document shredding (Temecula)
142. Casino Career Center, casino training (Old Town Temecula)
143. Strictly Workout Wear, children’s dance apparel (Old Town Temecula)
144. Cathy’s Dance Studio (Old Town Temecula)
145. TVS Auto Care, auto repair (Old Town Temecula)
146. Rhino Truck Bed Lining (Old Town Temecula)
147. Upodium Professional Care, auto detailing (Old Town Temecula)
148. IE Hydrogarden, hydro seeding (Old Town Temecula)
149. Monart School of the Arts (Old Town Temecula)
150. Bitch’n Stitch’n, custom stitching & embroidery (Old Town Temecula)

151. Gezekian Computing (Old Town Temecula)
152. CARE Animal Hospital (Temecula)
153.  Vineyard Veterinary Hospital (Temecula)
154. Front Street Studios Beauty Salon (Old Town Temecula)
155. Law Office of Johnson & Sedlack (Temecula)
156. Magnolia Pool & Spa Supply (Murrieta)
157. Salon Moselle (Temecula)
158. The Bank Mexican Restaurant (Temecula Old Town)
159. Temecula Traders, antiques and photos (Temecula Old Town)
160. Temecula Country Store (Old Town Temecula)
161. European Living, interior décor(Old Town Temecula)
162. Mad Madeline’s Grill (Old Town Temecula)
163. Café Daniel (old Town Temecula)
164. Regal Roost at Café Bravo (Temecula)
165. Taos Territorial Trading (Temecula)
166. Old Town Spice Merchants (Temecula)
167. La Menagerie (Old Town Temecula)
168. Ewles Materials, recycle materials (Murrieta)
Custom Upholstery By Stoyan (Temecula)
170. WCIAC Legal Forms Processing (Old Town Temecula)
171. Perfect Cuts Hair Salon (Temecula)
172. Nail Cottage (Temecula)
173. Valley Wide Power Equipment (Old Town Temecula)
174. Carousel Party Store (Old Town Temecula)
175. Child’s Play Day Care Center (Old Town Temecula)

176. Hydro 4 Less Garden Supplies (Old Town Temecula)
177. Tuscan Flooring Sales (Old Town Temecula)
178. SoCal Vettes & Hot Rods auto service (Old Town Temecula)
179. Hong’s Flower Nursery (Rainbow)
180. Palumbo’s  Ristorante (Old Town Temecula)
181. Bliss Hair Salon (Old Town Temecula)
182. Bella Rae Day Spa (Old Town Temecula)
183. Del Rio Cakes Bakery (Old Town Temecula)
184. Women to Women Health Center (Old Town Temecula)
185. Potomos Press (Temecula)
186. Curves Fitness Center on Rancho California Rd (Temecula)
187. Temecula Beauty Supply & Salon (Temecula)
188. Kadie’s Village Cleaners on Rancho California Rd (Temecula)
189. Peony Chinese Food on Rancho California Rd (Temecula)
190. Somerville’s  Market (Rainbow)
191. Rule Manufacturing (San Diego)
192. George Plumbing (Temecula & North County)
193. Rainbow Valley Orchards (Rainbow)
194. Vintage Timberworks, lumber yard (Temecula)
195. Factory Built Manufactured Home Financial (Old Town Temecula)
196. The Painted Garden, outdoor décor & events (Old Town Temecula)
197. College Funding Solutions, student guidance (Old Town Temecula)
198. Edwards Brothers, book publishers (Old Town Temecula)
199. Truffles & Lace Tea Parlor (Old Town Temecula)
200. Expressions Gift & Collectibles (Old Town Temecula)

201. Old Town Pots (Old Town Temecula)
203. BV&J/Brandon Braly Avocado Groves (Fallbrook)
204. Poppystone Garden Gift Shop (Old Town Temecula)
205. River Watch, non-profit conservation (Fallbrook)
206. Panache, collectibles & accessories (Old Town Temecula)
207. Crochet Café, yarn crafting supplies (Old Town Temecula)
208. Sierra Heating & Air Conditioning (Temecula)
209. Stampin Post, rubber stamps & paper crafts (Old Town Temecula)
210. Chery’s Antiques (Old Town Temecula)
211. Temecula County Store, candy (Old Town Temecula)
212. I Love Clocks, sales and repairs  (Old Town Temecula)
213. Stellar Cellar, wine bar & store (Old Town Temecula)
214. Lindy’s Chocolate Florist, candy store (Old Town Temecula)
Copies & More (Temecula)
216. Dr. Dennis Tso, TSO Bio-Cranial Chiropractic (Bonsall)

217.Democratic Club of Greater Fallbrook (Fallbrook)
218. Mangan Physical Therapy (Temecula)
219. Overland Dental Practice (Temecula)
220. Matco Pet Center (Temecula)
221. The Sweet Bean (Temecula)
222. Cyco-Path Bicycles (Temecula)
223. Lemonchellos Clothing Boutique (Fallbrook)
224. Sweet Lumpy's BBQ (Old Town Temecula)
225. Blue Heron Gallery, art and antiques (Fallbrook)

226. A & T Tree Service (Fallbrook)
227. Temecula Pain Management Group(Temecula)
228. Coldwell Banker/Landmark Group Realty (2 offices in Fallbrook)
229. Skeoch Family Wellness (Temecula)
230. D & J Custom Framing (Temecula)
231. Smith & Son Traffic Control (Fallbrook)
Power House Gym (Temecula)
Children’s Primary Care Medical Group (Temecula)
234. Knight Printing & Publishing (Murrieta)
235. Vallecitos Union Elementary School (Rainbow)
236. Rainbow Oaks Restaurant (Rainbow)
237. The Murrieta Bugle (Murrieta)
238. Vineyard Dental Group, Dr. Jorge Bustos, DDS (Temecula)
239. Zippity Doggie Dos Pet Grooming (Temecula)
240. Dr. Arthur C. Kalfus, DDS (Temecula)
241. Fallbrook School of the Arts (Fallbrook)
242. AtoZ Printing Company (Riverside)
243. Dr. Katherine Noeller, DPM, Podiatrist (Murrieta)
245. Monday Media Video Production (Fallbrook)
Stephen J. Plank & Associates Insurance (Fallbrook)
247. National Realty Group, 25 agents (Temecula)
248. DOMIBA Enterprises, L.L.C., Real Estate (Fallbrook)
249. Versus Store, clothing & art gallery (Temecula)
250. KarVision, mobile video (Temecula)

251. Tim’s Shoe Repair (Temecula)
252. Milner Signs (Temecula)
253. Vince’s Spaghetti Express (Temecula)
254. SIFT Personal Fitness Training (Fallbrook)
255. Consult-a-tech, automotive repair (Temecula)
256. Citizens for the Preservation of Open Spaces
257. Planning Environmental Solutions L.L.C. (Temecula)
258. Legends Financial Group Inc (Temecula)
259. Solutions Funding Inc (Temecula)
260. Serendipity (Old Town Temecula)
261. La Caseta Mexican Restaurant (Fallbrook)
262. Baxter's Grille (Fallbrook)
263. Customs Gun Shop (Fallbrook)
265. Brandon Book Nook (Fallbrook)
Soil To Soul Women’s Shoes (Fallbrook)
Courtyard Café &Tearoom (Fallbrook)
268. Jasmine Rose Boutique, men & women apparel (Fallbrook)
269. Rainbow Valley Nursery (Rainbow)
270. Myrtle Creek Nursery (Fallbook)
271. RZ Nursery (Rainbow)
272. Curves Fitness Center on Winchester (Temecula)
273. B Squared Partners, executive search (Temecula)
274. Curves Fitness Center on California Oaks (Murrieta)
275. Green Burrito Restaurant on Rancho California Rd (Temecula)

276. Stew’s Barber Shop (Temecula)
277. Salon DeLapham (Temecula)
278. Cassone Wellness Homepathy & Clinical Nutrition (Temecula)
Joseph B. Hudson, Jr., ESQ
280. Barbara M. Hudson, R.N.
281. Miramonte Winery (Temecula Wine Country)
282. Churon Winery (Temecula Wine Country)
283. Mount Palomar Winery (Temecula Wine Country)
284. Rosa’s Cafe & Tortilla Factory (Temecula)
285. Sierra Club, Santa Margarita Group (Temecula)
Lone Wolf Classic Auto Repair Garage (Fallbrook)
287. Alvarado Veterinary Hospital (Fallbrook)
288. Cal Coast Insurance Agency (Fallbrook)
289. Upholstery Unlimited, Furniture & Auto (Fallbrook)
290. Pitkin Landscape & Design (Temecula)
291. Rick Cullen Contracting, residential contractor (Temecula)
292. Royal Panda Chinese Food (Temecula)
Rothweiler Design Services (Temecula)
Eddie Foundation, conservation (Fallbrook)
295. Hair Lites Salon & Supply (Fallbrook)
296. Manor Cleaners (Fallbrook)
297. Temecula School District Trustee Kristi Rutz-Robbins, PhD
298. The Beauty Studio (Temecula)
299. Continental Cleaners (Temecula)
300. It’s a Grind Coffee House (Temecula)

301. Tru-Art Salon (Temecula)
302. If Not Now, When – Investments (Murrieta)
303. Ms. Edna's Day Care Center
304. Sainz Home & Garden
305. ECO Farms Avocado Co (Temecula)
306. Transit Van Shuttle (Murrieta)
307. Galbraith Chiropractic Associates (Temecula)
308. Main Street Motors Car Sales (Fallbrook)
309. Meridian Air Charter (Temecula)
310. California School of Languages/English/Foreign(Temecula)
311. Fallbrook Land Conservancy (Fallbrook)
312. Doffer Winery (Temecula)
313. Leonesse Cellars (Temecula)
314. Perez Event Services, concerts & etc (Temecula)
315. Dr. Douglas Larsen, Optometrist, Family Eye Care (Temecula)
316. Linda Clark, Family Nurse Practitioner (Temecula)
317. Bo Cakes Bakery (Temecula)
318. Nirvana Books & Healing Center (Temecula)
319. Holistic Therapy (Temecula)
320. Hi-Tone Hearing Aid Center (Temecula)
321. Fallbrook Yoga Center (Fallbrook)
322. Hair Drama Salon by Tony Arrieta
323. Prime Partners Medical Group (Temecula)
324. Dr. John P. Santoro, DPM, Podiatrist (Temecula)
325. K.I. Painting, home painters (Murrieta)

326. Hohn’s Gutterwork (Temecula)
327. Dr. Steven Nelson, DDS. (Temecula)
328. Frangipani Estate Winery (Temecula)
329. Oak Mountain Winery (Temecula)
330. Keyways Winery (Temecula)
331. Cougar Vineyard & Winery (Temecula)

Competitive Edge Therapy Training (Temecula)
333. Fallbrook Drum Music Group (Fallbrook)
334. Rainbow Jewelry Designs (Fallbrook)
335. Pamela Brown-Gatlin Real Estate (Temecula)
335. Anthony Paciola, pharmacist (Temecula)
336. D. Friederich & Associates, speech pathology (Temecula)
337. Techniques Marketing/Mike Durnerin & Co(Temecula)
338. Colton Construction (Temecula)
339. Greek Place Restaurant (Temecula)
340. Bowden’s Auto Body Repair (Escondido)
341. Malone Home Inspection (Temecula)
342. Classic Wood Works (Temecula)
343. Law Office of Jerry Nicholas (Temecula)
344. Dr. Nick Schembri, Chiropractor (Murrieta)
345. Dr. Jeremy Schembri, Chiropractor (Murrieta)
346. Hart Winery (Temecula)
347. Front Street Hair Studio ( Old Town  Temecula)
348. Garage Graffix  (Murrieta)
349. Matchless Mold & Manufacturing (Rainbow)
350. Dr. Ginger Hansen, DDS (Vista)

351. Major Market Grocery (Fallbrook)
352. Brandon Gallery (Fallbrook)
353. Fallbrook Sports (Fallbrook)
354. Richie’s Diner (Temecula & Murrieta)
361. Renzoni Vineyards (Temecula)
Dr. Helen Im, DDS, APC (Temecula)
363. Rancho Family Medical Group (Temecula)
364. R.L. Diaz Construction (Murrieta)
365. Stuart Cellars Winery (Temecula)

Wiens Familly Cellars Winery (Temecula)
Long Machine, Inc, aircraft parts mfg (Temecula)
368. Palumbo Family Winery (Temecula)
369. Transducer Techniques, Inc (Temecula)
370. A.B.C. Child Care (Temecula)
371. Inland Eye Specialist (Murrieta)
372. Speech Language Pathology (Lake Elsinore)
Rancho California Homeowner’s Association/56 homes (Temecula)
374. SC Cellars Vineyard & Winery (Temecula)
375. Baily’s Vineyard & Winery (Temecula)

376. Old Towne Smoke Shoppe (Temecula)
Custom Visions Cabinetry (Temecula)
378. Ed’s Coins (Temecula)
379. Herrera Communications (Temecula)
380. Salon International (Temecula)
381. Le Papillon Spa (Temecula)
382. Midas Systems (Temecula)
Elite Automotive Products (Temecula)
384. Vogtland North America (Temecula)
385. Virtual  World Parts (Temecula)
386. Innovative Pet Nutrition (Temecula)
387. Monarch Precision (Temecula)
388. The Shop, Inc. (Temecula)
Visions Enterprise (Temecula)
390. R.H. Construction (Fallbrooks)
391. Pell Construction (Rainbow)
392. ACD Engineering (Temecula)
393. Charter School Management (Temecula)
394. Diamond Executive Mortgage (Temecula)
395. Kirk Barber Law Group APLC (Temecula)
396. Wm Shubin & Co., CPA (Temecula)
397. Crisell Commercial Advisors (Temecula)
398. JRB Auto Electric (Temecula)
399. Dyno Trans Transmission (Temecula)
400. Fundgrazing (Temecula)

401. Future Manufactoring (Temecula)
402. George’s Certified Auto Repair (Temecula)
403. Sweetwater Upholstery (Temecula)
404. Techstar Motors of Temecula
Rancho Smog (Temecula)
406. The Auto Shop (Temecula)
407. Canine Caboodle (Temecula)
408. Robert’s Test Only Smog (Temecula)
409. Cal Pro Equities (Temecula)
Parker Carpet Cleaning (Corona)
411. The Barnes Review (Temecula)
412. Liberty Life Line (Temecula)
413. DB/CM Construction (Temecula)
414. Precision Powder Coating (Temecula)
Golden West Biologicals (Temecula)
416. The Special Event Connection, Inc. (Temecula)
417. Temecula Valley Paint (Temecula)
418. Unique Precision Ind. (Temecula)
419. Advanced Chiropractic (Temecula)
420. New Vision Mortgage & Real Estate, Inc (Temecula)
421. Reyes Financial & Business Center (Temecula)
422. Health Habit Dental (Temecula)
The Cutting Crew & Nails (Temecula)
424. Dimensions Beauty Salon (Temecula)
425. Dimensions Beauty Salon (Murrieta)

426. Sign-A-Rama (Temecula)
427. Graceful Events Bridal (Temecula)
428. Safe and Secure Locksmith (Temecula)
Temecula Barbers ((Temecula)
430. Audio Addiction Audio Systems (Temecula)
431. Sanctuary Salon (Temecula)
432. Carrie Cimperman Accupuncture (Temecula)
433. Patio World (Temecula)
434. Nature’s Grace Wellness Center (Temecula)
435. Concho Honcho Jewelry (Fallbrook)
436. Murrieta Valley Tax Service (Murrieta)
437. CID Property Management (Murrieta)
438. The Polished Image (Murrieta)
439. Aurora Family Counseling (Murrieta)
440. Big Spring Educational Therapy Center (Murrieta)
441. Murrieta Floor Covering (Murrieta)
442. Simply Friends Boutique Shop (Murrieta)
443. Spotya Web Design & Loans (Murrieta)
444. Meritage Real Estate (Murrieta)
Rancho Sales & Marketing (Temecula)
446. Law Office of John H FitzSimons (Temecula)
447. Santa Rosa Ranch Real Estate (Murrieta)
448. The Flower Shop (Murrieta)
Walt's Barber Shop (Murrieta)
450. Inland Valley Medical Transport (Murrieta)

451. Aloha Nui Loa Boutique-Antiques (Murrieta)
452. Murrieta Equine Veterinarian (Murrieta)
453. Norfjor Avocado Growers (Rainbow)
454. Life Touch Therapeutic Massage (Rainbow)
455. Aloha Nursing Care (Murrieta)
456. KCC Kazakoff  Framing Contractor (Temecula/San Diego)
457. Sierra Club, San Diego Chapter
Expressions Art Studio (Fallbrook)
Rennkenada Botanicals Farm (Temecula/De Luz)
460. Bits Bytes & Nibbles computer service (Temecula)
461. White Collar Computers (Temecula)
462. Villa di Calabro Winery & Olive Oil Co. (Temecula)
463. Chalet Liquor & Deli (Fallbrook)
464. Gourmet Italia Restaurant (Temecula)
465. Sports Page Pub & Grill (Temecula)
466. Atmospheric Physics Air Pollution Control (San Diego)
467. WINEormous. com wine critics (Temecula)
468. My Girlfriend’s Closet (Temecula)
469. Cinnamon Creek Equine (Canyon Lake)

470. Eric’s Window Cleaning (Murrieta)
472. McCool Photography (Hermosa Beach)
473. Nature’s Secret Horse & Dog Food (Wildomar)
474. Optimum Performance Horse Supplements (Temecula)
Parker General Insurance (Fresno)
476. Point Two Air Safety Jackets (Ocaler, Fla)
477. Sierra EQ Horse Products (Santa Rosa)
478. Temecula Eq-Wine Riders Assn (Temecula)


Medical Doctors Opposed To Liberty Quarry

As of 2/12/09

  1. Abshire, Bret, MD, Neurosurgeon (Temecula)

  2. Alexander, Christopher, MD, Orthopedic Surgery (Murrieta)

  3.  Amin, Jatin, MD, Cardiologist (Wildomar)

  4.  Atiga, Jon J., MD, Pediatrician (Temecula)

  5.  Azhand, Azim U., MD, Pediatrician (Temecula)

  6  Bakr, Sabry MD, Pediatrician (Wildomar)

  7. Balikian, Richard, MD, Plastic Surgeon (Temecula)

  8  Basch, Michael, MD, Internal Medicine (Temecula)

  9. Basjwa,Saif, MD, Internal Medicine (Lake Elsinore)

10. Bianchi, Anthony, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology (Fallbrook)

11. Blanscet, Laurie, DO, Family Practice (Murrieta)

12, Boyatt, Kelly, MD, Family Practice (Temecula)

13. Briggs, Bridget, MD, Family Practice (Murrieta)

14. Bui, Brian, MD, Cardiologist (Murrieta)

15. Calinisan, Joan H., MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology (Murrieta)

16. Carrasco, Douglas, MD, Internal Medicine (Temecula)

17. Chan, Allen, MD, Vascular Surgeon (Murrieta)

18. Chang, David F., MD, Nephrologist (Temecula)

19. Clements, Douglas H., MD, Ophthalmologist (Fallbrook)

20. Coullahan, Jessica, MD, Pediatrician, (Temecula)

21. Cross, Michael L., MD, Surgeon (Corona)

22. Darnell, Duane R., DO, Internal Medicine (Sun City)

23. Dinh, Jack, MD, Gastroenterologist (Murrieta)

24. Dinh, Tommy, MD, Surgeon (Murrieta)

25. Drinhaus, Rolf, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon (Fallbrook/Murrieta)

26. Druet, Jack, MD, Anesthesiologist (Temecula)

27. Ebersole, Philip, MD, Family Practice (Murrieta)

28. Ellis, John, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon (Temecula)

29. Estrella-Itchon, Rhoda, MD, Family Practice (Murrieta)

30. Faerber, Wade, DO, Orthopedic Surgeon (Temecula)

31. Feeney, John R., DO, Family Practice (Temecula)

32. Fraley, Charles , DO, Family Practice (Temecula)

33. Freyne, Brigid, MD, Internal Medicine (Murrieta)

34. Gentile, Mary, DO, General Practice (Temecula)

35. Gisi, Sylvia, MD, Sports Medicine (Temecula)

36. Glaser, Joseph, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology (Murrieta)

37. Gorski, Tito, MD, Surgeon (Corona)

38. Harney, Brian P., MD, Anesthesiologist (Fallbrook)

39. Haynes, John R., MD, Internal Medicine (Menifee)

40. Hayton, Bruce A., MD, Internal Medicine (Sun City)

41. Hayton, Tammy, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology (Murrieta)

42. Holburt, Ernest, MD, Pathologist (Murrieta)

43. Im, Tae-Woong, MD, Family Practice (Temecula)

44. Jacobs, Randy, MD, Dermatologist (Temecula)

45. Jacobson, Arthur I., MD, Ophthalmology (Menifee)

46. Jercinovich, Igor, MD, Orthopedic Surgery (Murrieta)

47. Kaplan, John, MD, OB/GYN (Wildomar)

48. Kattan, Ramzi, MD, Radiation Oncologist (Murrieta)

49. Killeen, Timothy J., MD, Pulmonologist (Temecula)

50, Kim, John, MD, Radiologist (Temecula)

51. Krepak, Donna M., MD, Pediatrician (Temecula)

52. Larsen, Douglas, OD, Optometrist (Temecula)

53. Lawson, David, MD, Radiologist (Wildomar)

54. Le, Thuan, MD, Infectious Disease, (Wildomar)

55. Lee, Young H., MD (Murrieta)

56. Lineback, Frances, MD,OB/GYN (Murrieta)

57. Mangoba, Luther, MD, Family Practice (Riverside)

58. McCormick, Leslie J., MD, Pediatrician (Temecula)

59. McHugh, Shawn M., DO, Internal Medicine (Temecula)

60. McKerahan, Kelly L., DO., Family Practice ((Murrieta)

61. Mendoza, Evelyn, MD, Hematology/Oncologist (Temecula)

62. Mohr, Thomas, MD, Pediatrician (Temecula)

63. Montanez, Alicia, MD, Electrophysiologist (Anaheim)

64. Nevarez, Joseph. MD

65. Nizar, Salek, MD, Internal Medicine (Temecula)

66. O’Neil, Kelly J., MD, Family Practice (Temecula)

67. Odubela, Abayomi A., MD, Internal Medicine (Temecula)

68. Olito, Atalanta, DO, Anesthesiologist (Murrieta)

69. Oslund, Lane, MD, Family Practice (Fallbrook)

70. Pace, Robert, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon (Temecula/Fallbrook)

71. Phelps, Paul, MD, Anesthesiologist (Wildomar)

72. Phillips, Barratt, MD, Ophthalmologist (Murrieta)

73. Ponce, George, MD, Cardiologist (Riverside)

74. Reed, Lisa, DO, Pediatrician (Temecula)

75. Reedus, Desiree K., MD, Cardiologist (Murrieta)

76. Reynolds, Richard J., MD, Family Practice (Fallbrook)

77. Robbins, Daniel C., DO, Pediatrician (Temecula)

78. Rouhe, Richard L., MD, Orthopedic Surgeon (Corona)

79. Safie, Nerissa C., MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology (Murrieta)

80. Salas, Ernesto T., MD, Internal Medicine (Temecula)

81. Salek, Munif, MD, Pulmonologist (Temecula)

82. Schoonmaker, John L., DO, Family Practice (Temecula)

83. Schwartz, David, MD, Family Practice (Temecula)

84. Shen, John T., MD, Dermatologist (Murrieta)

85. Sial, Khuram, MD, Pain Management (Temecula)

86. Skeoch, Gordon, MD, Family Practice (Temecula)

87. Stephen Nguyen, MD, Internal Medicine (Temecula)

88. Stull, William R., MD, Radiologist (Norco)

89. Swain, Julie, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon (Fallbrook)

90. Tafoya, Phillip, MD, Internist (Riverside)

91. Tang, Frank, MD, Pediatrician (Wildomar)

92. Tsoulos, Nicolas, MD, Pediatrician (Temecula)

93. Tun, Tin, MD, Dermatologist (Hemet)

94. Vaezazizi, Reza, MD, Emergency Medicine (Temecula)

95. Vargas, Michael J., MD, Cardiologist (Temecula)

96. Varma, Chandrasekhar, MD, Endocrinologist (Temecula/Escondido)

97. Veve, Robert, MD, Pathologist (Temecula)

98. Vo, Duyet, MD, Pathologist (Temecula)

99. Yang, Brian, MD, Emergency Services (Murrieta)

100, Yun, Jonathan, MD, Family Practice (Temecula)

101. Zebrack, David, DO, Internal Medicine (Temecula)




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