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  1. What is Shop to Earn and how does it make money for SOS Hills?

Shop to Earn is an online shopping company that affords shoppers access to more than 1000 of America’s top retailers to individuals and organizations who purchase their own website through the company.  SOS Hills now has its own shopping portal and shoppers who shop on the SOS Hills site earn cash back for the organization.

  1. How does it work exactly?

When you shop on the SOS Hills site at any of the more than 1000 top retailers, up to 30% of every transaction will be credited back to SOS Hills to help them raise vital funds to fight the proposed Liberty Quarry in Temecula.  Each retailer offers a different amount of cash back – for a list of the participating retailers and the percentage of cash back they offer, visit the SOS Hills shopping site at  At the top of the page you will see a white box with a drop down arrow entitled Retailers A-Z.  Click the arrow and an alphabetical list of retailers will drop down with the exact percentage of cash back offered printed to the right of their name. 

  1. Who are some of the retailers offered on the SOS Hills’ shopping page?

Top retailers include:

Old Navy
Best Buy
Saks Fifth Avenue
Radio Shack
Apple Store
JoAnn Fabrics
Office Depot
Barnes & Noble

...and hundreds more!

  1. How do I start shopping?

We’re so glad you asked!  Simply visit the SOS Hills shopping page at and select your favorite retailer either from the Retailers A-Z box at the top center of the page or via the categories listed on the left hand side of the page.  Click on your chosen retailer’s icon and you will be taken directly to that retailer’s own homepage where you can begin shopping! 

  1. It’s great that I can earn cash back for SOS Hills by buying the products I normally buy from my favorite online retailers, but are there any special online savings just for me?

Yes!  When you visit the SOS Hills shopping homepage at, look for the “Shopping Promotions” tab located in the center of the page, directly under the Retailers A-Z box.  Click it and then click again on the Shopping Promotions page that pops up.  A PDF file of all the Shop to Earn merchants offering additional coupon savings will pop up.  Scroll down the alphabetical list to see what your favorite retailers are offering this month.  Write down the coupon codes you’d like to use and then simply enter them at checkout to receive additional savings and discounts. 

After you’ve clicked the “Shopping Promotions” tab located in the center of SOS Hills’ shopping homepage and a second window has opened, look for the second tab labeled “Shipping Promotions.”  Click it to open up the PDF file that lists all the Shop to Earn retailers who are offering free shipping this month. 

And finally, after you’ve clicked the “Shopping Promotions” tab located in the center of SOS Hills’ shopping homepage and a second window has opened, look for the third tab labeled “Zero Sales Tax.”  Click on it to open up a PDF file that lists all the Shop to Earn merchants who are offering zero sales tax on all transactions for the month. 

These special coupons, values and additional savings are only available to shoppers who shop through SOS Hills’ Shop to Earn website.  So when you shop on our site, you are not only doing something good for SOS Hills and your community by helping us earn cash back, you are also receiving valuable discounts, saving money and saving time. 

  1. What is the Shop to Earth portion of the SOS Hills’ Shop to Earn website?

One of Shop to Earn’s main mission is to help people learn about and buy products that are not only good for themselves and their families, but that are also good for the Earth.  Shop to Earth is a separate website that offers some of the best, most natural, organic and environmentally friendly products available today.  Visit Shop to Earth via SOS Hills’ shopping homepage and order beauty, home, laundry and personal care products from some of the most environmentally conscious companies doing business today, including Avalon Organics, Nature’s Gate, Jason Naturals, Alba Botanica, Earth Therapeutics, Giovanni, Kiss My Face, Method and many more.  Every purchase from Shop to Earth earns 15% cash back for SOS Hills and helps do something kind for the Earth while helping us live cleaner, healthier and more “green” lives.  What could be better than that?!  

  1. This is such a fantastic way to save time, money and help SOS Hills – is there a faster way to get to the SOS Hills website or to bookmark it so that I can access it more often?

Absolutely.  Create a desktop shortcut so that with one click, you can go directly to the SOS Hills shopping site from your very own desktop.  Here’s how: 

Go to your own computer’s desktop and right click on any open space.  Select “New” when the little box pops up, and then select “Shortcut.”  When another box pops up asking you the web address of the shortcut, type in and then click “Next.”  Another box will pop up asking you to name to Shortcut and you can type in “SOS Hills Shopping.”  Then click “Finish” and you’re done!  You will now have a little icon on your desktop named “SOS Hills Shopping” that you can click on and which will take you directly to the SOS Hills shopping page any time you like.  Enjoy! 

Happy Shopping!

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