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Silica Diesel Exhaust Traffic Property Values Agriculture Our River

Granite Construction, Inc., a $2-billion a year company, plans to develop the Nation's largest granite open-pit mine 1 mile from Temecula. This open-pit mine will be:
bullet1 mile long
bullet1,000 feet deep
bulletOperating 20 hours a day, 6 days a week
bulletBlasting & grinding 300 tons of rock per day
bulletExtracting over a 1/4 of a billion tons of granite

Facilities will include:
bulletOn-site cement plants
bulletOn-site asphalt plants
bulletAggregate processing operations

Don't let our valley become a mining town!

Get involved now

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Looking to "dig a little deeper" into the reasons against Liberty Quarry? Looking to get an idea of what the real costs of Liberty Quarry will be? You have come to the right place!
Click on the links below for in-depth information on each specific topic mentioned in the Save Our Southwest Hills Fact Sheet.

What will Liberty Quarry really cost us?

bulletWe will pay with poor air quality and serious health issues
bulletEffects of Silica
bullet Effects of Diesel and Auto Exhaust
bulletWe will pay with even more traffic on I-15
bulletEffects of Truck Traffic
bulletWe will pay with the reduction of our home and property values
bulletEffects of Home Values
bulletWe will pay with the impact on our agriculture
bulletEffects on Agriculture
bulletWe will pay with the loss of the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve
bulletEffects on Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve
bulletWe will pay with pollution of the Santa Margarita River
bulletEffects on the River
bulletWe will pay with the loss of a vital wildlife corridor
bulletEffects on the Santa Ana - Palomar Linkage


Additional links of interest:

Comparing Granite Construction's Indio Quarry to Liberty Quarry is truly like comparing a mole hill to a mountain. Watch this video on YouTube to see why:

Granite Construction already has a gravel facility called Rosemary's Mountain approximately 10 miles south of the proposed Liberty Quarry site near the town of Pala. Click here for more information on Rosemary's Mountain.

In the past, Granite Construction has chosen to "mitigate" problems by paying fines or purchasing clean air credits from other companies. Follow this link to read a story about Granite's past history of fines in both Nevada and California.

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Save Our Southwest Hills is a non-profit group dedicated to
preserving the natural features of the Santa Rosa Escarpment.

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